Presenters and Performers

Nearly 40 youth between 10 and 19 from across the Triangle applied to speak at TEDxYouth@ChavisWay and 11 received a coveted spot. In line with TEDx’s emphasis on showcasing multidisciplinary perspectives, youth will be covering topics ranging from civics education and mental health to the benefits of dance and what humans can learn from bees.

  • Nyawira Nyota
  • Alyvia Banks
  • Camila Armas
  • Raily Greca
  • Genesis Ijeomah
  • Courtney Lassiter
  • Emily Pirhalla
  • Hadi Rahim
  • Keertana Ramars
  • Sadie Schaecher
  • Mili Soler
  • Sahas Vijayabaskar
  • Niko Waguna
  • Amy Li
  • Nimet Karabulut