Our Team

TEDxYouth@ChavisWay is a collaboration between the #PassTheMicYouth team and partners in Wake County. #PassTheMicYouth is an NC State Extension program that uses a podcast, blog, and youth-centered curricula to highlight the voices of young activists around the world.

Maru Gonzalez

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, NC State University

Christy Byrd

Associate Professor, NC State University

Nyawira Nyota

Host and Producer of #PassTheMicYouth, NC State University

Veronica Dress

Youth Development Coordinator, NC Cooperative Extension

Wendy Gantt

Community Education & Outreach Specialist, Alliance Health

Carlos Moses

4-H Youth Development Team Lead, NC Cooperative Extension

Margaret Soler

Wake County System of Care Coordinator, Alliance Health

Karee Redman

Public Health Educator, NC Cooperative Extension