About John Chavis Memorial Park

John Chavis (source)

Named for early 19th-century free Black preacher and teacher of all races John Chavis (ca. 1762-1838), this 37-acre City of Raleigh park was opened as a recreational spot for the city’s African American residents during segregation. It was dedicated in 1938, and Black citizens from all over Eastern North Carolina came to Chavis for its amenities.

The original carousel house (source)

After undergoing a multimillion dollar renovation the park reopened in 2021 and now also includes an updated community center, fitness room, gym, playground and interactive water feature. Visitors can still ride the the circa-1923 carousel as well as participate in many community programs.

The historic Allan Herschell Carousel (source)

In 2016, John Chavis Memorial Park was the first Raleigh city park to be named to the National Register of Historic Places. Read more about the history of the park here. TEDxYouth@ChavisWay is proud to partner with the City of Raleigh in bringing our event to this historic landmark!