Presenters and Performers

This year’s presenters and performers hail from across the Triangle region and will be presenting on a wide range of topics.


Anvita Anaja is a junior at Panther Creek High School in Cary, NC, passionately promotes juvenile advocacy as a dedicated Youth Attorney at the Raleigh Teen Court. Drawing from her personal experiences, she exemplifies the significance of this cause but also serves as an advocate for youth within the system. Anvita eagerly anticipates engaging in discussions about the emerging judicial practice among teens – Restorative Justice and the long-standing impact it may have on our historic legal system.

Amaris Iwara is a junior at Voyager Academy High School. She loves volunteering and serves as a Member of the Student Action Board, conducting monthly service projects in the Triangle. She is also a Changed by Youth Ambassador partnering with the City of Durham to create opportunities for the youth.

Alekhya Kotha is a Junior at Triangle Math and Science Academy who is always looking for new ways to become connected with her community. She constantly works to create free opportunities for nearby neighborhoods. Alekhya hopes to foster meaningful connections in order to carry her efforts globally. 

Justin Lee is a homeschooling senior. As a committed interdisciplinary learner, he has a tendency to philosophize during physics class and link Homer’s epics to symbolist art. When he’s not playing academic connect-the-dots, you’ll find him reading, listening to Mahler, or creating curriculum for one of his many teaching initiatives.

Amber Payne is a senior, cross country runner, and DECA lover! Public speaking is her passion, and she loves financial literacy. It helps her escape her comfort zone and inspire and connect with others.

Eshaan Prashanth is an eighth-grade online schooling student from Cary, NC, actively trains and competes in the USTA Junior Tennis League. Beyond tennis, Eshaan is an avid reader with a keen interest in physics, computers, and technology. This passion has led him to delve deeper into artificial intelligence and its applications in sports

Aditi Rao is a 6th grader at Oberlin Magnet Middle School, excels at vocal performances and robotics. With a passion for social justice, her legal blindness brings a unique drive to champion changes for an equitable world for the Visually Impaired community, where obstacles dissolve in the face of human potential.

Tanya Sachdev (she/her) is a high school senior from Cary, NC who is passionate about exploring healthcare accessibility for the refugee community. As founder of her school’s STAR (Students Together Assisting Refugees) Club and her experience with her nonprofit Empowering Refugee Children (ERC), Tanya works to advocate for awareness of the Global Refugee Crisis and the importance of human connection.


Andee Bullard is an Accounting Major at NC State University. She is a Club Tennis Team member and Co-Founder of Service Randolph, the organization aids the less fortunate in her county. A horseback rider from an early age, Andee teaches the art to children aged 4 and above, blending her love for outdoor activities with community service.

Devanshree Jampala is an eighth-grader at AFMS, has cherished the art of Bharatanatyam since the tender age of 4. Transforming her tiny footsteps into a powerful dance narrative, she illustrates her dedication and passion for the ancient art form. Her journey has been shaped by the unwavering support of her esteemed Guru, Smt. Karpagavalli Sai Sankar. Devanshree’s’ love for dance has evolved into a celebration of tradition, where the intricate movements and expressions of Bharatanatyam come alive. Proudly completing her Arangetram (Dance Graduation) at the age of 12 last summer, her commitment to her art is more evident than ever. Beyond the dance studio, she holds a black belt in karate, having completed her first degree and aiming for a second. Additionally, Devanshree holds diplomas from SPMV University in India, showcasing her dedication to both physical and academic pursuits. Engaging in communal activities, she lends a helping hand to children in need and contributes to the betterment of her neighborhood. Her pursuits reflect her commitment to growing personally, enriching her community, and making a positive impact.

The Triangle Youth Music String Quartet performs repertoire for two violins, viola, and cello. This ensemble has a long tradition of musical service and has performed in competitions, festivals, retirement communities, museums, and at numerous community events throughout the Triangle. Currently coached by North Carolina Symphony’s Kurt Tseng, this ensemble continues to attain high levels of musicianship. All musicians are also part of the Triangle Youth Philharmonic, the North Carolina Symphony’s official youth orchestra.